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Variety Information

Common names: Green Boxwood
Color : Green
Color Description: Pure Green
Lengths available: 60cm 600g weight spec
Availability: Popular and versatile Christmas Green available in many forms:

10 stem bunches
Scented: No

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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  •  A range of interesting greens and foliages are grown in California.
  • Watch out for soft tips season in April to June, where new spring growth can cause lighter colored, softer, weaker foliage tips on certain foliages liek Euc, Myrtle andmany more. The product is still available at this time, but some people find the tips not to their liking. Ask your rep if you need reassurances.

Grading Information

  • Many of these foliages are field bunched and have varying grading standards. The specifics are noted in the variety information.

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Evergreens and Cedar - Product should have rich green color with no dry tips - Boxes should be shipped in constant temperature of 35 F (2 C) with controlled humidity
  • Holly - Leaves should be firm and glossy and berries bright and firmly attached to stem, with very little dropping
  • - Stems should be dipped in preservative solution after harvesting
  • - Pack Holly in moisture retaining box with plastic insert that allows air circulation
  • - Pre cool boxes (just above freezing) for minimum of 24 hours before shipping
  • -Transport at constant 35 F temperature, with controlled humidity
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