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Sierra Flower Finder Premium Contributor

Grower Name: Suasuque
Name: Daniel Velez
Nickname: Danie
Member Type: Premium Grower
Member Since: January 29, 2011
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Suasuque has 28 listed varieties
Grower Information
Location: Bogotá Colombia
Varieties: Specialized over the years in offering the best alstroemeria varieties available. 100% Alstroemeria.
Programs: Florverde Globalgap
Contact: Daniel Velez
Web Site:
Other Info: Flores Suasuque is a family owned and managed farm who believes in the importance of maintaining slow but steady growth processes with like-minded business partners. We offer flowers grown under the most socially and environmentally friendly criteria possible. Our production plan focuses on providing consistent quality flowers to allow for long-term marketing. The planting material comes from the best breeders around the world, working hand in hand with them to introduce constantly new and exiting Alstroemeria varieties.
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