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Mini Carn Corinto


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Variety Information

Common names: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
Color : Yellow
Color Description: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
Bloom Size Details: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
Lengths available: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
Vase Life Details: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
Availability: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**
General Comments: **NOT IN PRODUCTION**

Edit Florist & Wholesaler Information

Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Make sure you know which grade you are buying , some farms ship minies with only 2 blooms per stem.
  •  Look for new novelty colours in a variety of interesting shades and 2 tone bi colours.

Grading Information

  • Fancy Grade 55 cm+ , 38 blooms ,10 stem bunch.
  • Standard Grade 45 cm+ ,  25 blooms + ,10 stem bunch
  • All bunches must be plastic sleeved

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Leading Breeders (2010) S.B. Talee, Hilverda / Kooij & Zonen, and Barberet.
  • All miniature carnations must be STS treated.
  • Assorted boxes should be packed 25% white , 25% light pink/dark pink , 25% red and 25% assorted novelties.
  • Boxes destined for export must be clearly identified with quantity, colour mix and grade.
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