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Pine White

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Variety Information

Common names: White Pine
Color : Green
General Comments: - Silvery green needles, 4cm to 6.5cm long,
- Very Similar to Princess Pine, but needles are softer and longer.
- Pronounced pine smell

- Available in:
Bulk 40 Lb. Boxes
Bulk Tips Boxes 25Lb.
3lbs bundles

Edit Florist & Wholesaler Information

Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Evergreens and Cedar - Keep at constant temperature of 35 F (2C) in closed waxed box to prevent drying
  • Holly - Store at a constant 35 F ( 2 C) in waxed box with plastic insert that permits some air circulation  - Ensure that it is not kept even briefly at freezing temperatures. Holly is quite sensitive to freezing.  It will last 6-8 weeks in the box if handled properly. 
  •  When using in floral arrangements, Holly lasts longer when stems are kept in water

Grading Information

  • Evergreens and Cedar - Grading is typicaly done by weight - Boughs are 45cm to 70cm and Tips are 25cm to 40 cm
  • Holly - boxes contain mixed grading, containing both small stems and large, multilateral branches - for tight bouquet work it is best to use bagged holly, which contain smaller pieces. Larger branches can also be broken down to individual stems. 
  1. Bagged Holly tends to have smaller, shorter stems than boxed Holly.
  2. Bagged Holly is available in 1lb & 1/2 lb bags.
  3. Boxed Holly is available in "Reg" & "Tips" -- tips boxes tend to contain more one-stem pieces and "Reg" tends to contain more Holly with more laterals. 
  4. Boxed Holly, regardless of size, will likely contain both branches and stems. 
  5. Offered in 5lb & 10lb boxes - the larger the box, the larger the pieces can be. 
  6. To order the biggest, most ornemental Holly pieces, order a 10lb "Reg" box. 
  • Branches - availlable in regular or "tips" and generally offered in grading as follows:
  1. short 90cm, 10 stem bunches, 10 bunch per box, 100 stems per box
  2. typical 120cm length, 5 stem bunches, 10 bunch per box, 50 stems per box
  3. extra tall 180cm 3-5 stem bunches, 10 bunch per box, 30-50 stems per box

Grower and Breeder Information

  • Evergreens and Cedar - Product should have rich green color with no dry tips - Boxes should be shipped in constant temperature of 35 F (2 C) with controlled humidity
  • Holly - Leaves should be firm and glossy and berries bright and firmly attached to stem, with very little dropping
  • - Stems should be dipped in preservative solution after harvesting
  • - Pack Holly in moisture retaining box with plastic insert that allows air circulation
  • - Pre cool boxes (just above freezing) for minimum of 24 hours before shipping
  • -Transport at constant 35 F temperature, with controlled humidity
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