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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Distributor: Ontario Flower Growers Co-Operative
Address: 910 Midway Boulevard, Mississauga, ON, L5T 1T9
Phone: 1-800-746-4634
Fax: 905-670-9637
Areas Served: Ontario
Web Site:
Contact: Sales -

Other Info:

The Ontario Flower Growers Co-operative was established in October of 1972. A group of 63 local growers decided to implement a cost-effective process to market and sell their products to the floral industry. A central location for buyers and growers would reduce costs of delivery, and administration. Strategically located in Mississauga, close to the International Airport and major transportation links, the OFG co-op auction was established. Over the following 40 years, 'The Clock' has become "the source" for retailers and wholesalers of floral products in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond.

Today, over 150 growers provide a diverse supply of floral products to OFG’s central facility each day. A large number of floral buyers with equally diverse product requirements come to the facility and purchase on auction what they need. The Co-Operatives’ auction is in simple terms, merely a tool that allows product ownership to change hands.

The auction is now accessible by way of remote buying where approved buyers can participate from the comfort of their own home or office PC. Live streaming video and all the information you need to purchase flowers and plants at your fingertips.

More information and full training sessions are available... just contact us by email at:

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