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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Distributor: Fleurexpert
Address: 7905 Route Transcanadienne, Ville St. Laurent, QC, H4S 1L3
Phone: (514) 332-7758
Areas Served: Quebec
Web Site:
Contact: Fleurexpert -

Other Info:

Fleurexpert is one of the largest companies in Quebec involved in the distribution of fresh cut flowers along with basic and ornamental supplies.

Fleurexpert opened its doors in Ville Saint-Laurent in 1998 with its first 4,000 square feet facility and its founder Jean-Claude Foucault, who already had a strong expertise in the floral industry. The company since then has grown rapidly through the acquisition of competitors such as REF Floral Group in 2002. They accounted for two Montreal wholesalers, Romayo and Exofleur who had acquired over the years a solid reputation. With this expansion, Fleurexpert moved its facilities to its current location on Griffith Street in Ville Saint-Laurent, they then gradually increased from 16,000 to 32,000 square feet of warehouse, adding cold rooms suitable for all varieties of flowers. In 2008, Fleurexpert continued to grow by acquiring P. Hurtubise, another expert florist wholesaler.

Today, Fleurexpert has become a leader in the Montreal floral industry. With a team of experienced consultants and buyers, the company offers a wide range of cut flowers, exotic greens and accessories imported worldwide. We have developed logistically an ability to offer floral products and decorative accessories according to the latest fashion trends at prices beyond the competition!

Come see firsthand! You will be served quickly. In addition to our website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, we have several regular and seasonal collections at your disposal.

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