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Sierra Flower Trading Partner Distributor

Distributor: Apex Floral Distributors
Address: 7065 Pacific Circle #1, Mississauga, ON L5T 2H4
Phone: 613-321-2245
Fax: 613-321-2275
Areas Served: Ontario
Web Site:
Contact: Terry Mackenzie -

Other Info:

At Apex we devote a sustained effort towards one facet of the floral industry, focusing entirely on sourcing and supplying clients with fresh cut flowers of an unsurpassed quality. Aside from our fixed attention to flowers exclusively, precedence is given to the relationships we constantly strive to build and maintain. We are the bridge between our customers and the farms that grow the products we distribute; strong relations with our customers ensure effective communication through the entire supply chain permitting all parties to coalesce in the development of their shared interests and efforts.

Simply put, the uncomplicated yet specialized approach we choose to follow in our daily operations allows us to place emphasis on those segments of business we deem to be of the highest level of importance and substance….. The customers and relationships thereof, the products we proudly offer and an elevated level of service.

Apex, Ontario’s link to the world’s greatest fresh cuts!

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